Increase Your Order Conversion Rate

  • What is conversion rate & why is it important?
  • The ways to increase the order conversion rate (OCR)?
  • Analyze where you lost most of your users. The payment process can be long, the product page can be complicated… If you think about it, all of the reasons for the churn rate can be a valid answer to your question. To go deeper, you can check our whitepaper for churn rate. , one of the tools to identify where you are losing your users, is to use Funnel Analytics
  • Use remarketing pixels. Don’t just lose the users who come & leave without an order. On average, a purchase is being made after the user sees you or your product 7 times. Create remarketing links & build campaigns for those who clicked those links. To see more information, check our link remarketing blog.
  • Make them subscribe: Keep your mailing list & community active. Inform your subscribers consistently if you want to be the first one to consider when they need a product from your service area.
  • Understand the user behavior & segmentate. Know their interests & prepare your campaign accordingly.
  • Use 360 Marketing: Communicate your user via different platforms. With this, you’ll understand which platform they prefer and you’ll remind yourself in more than one way.



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