How To Increase Mobile App Conversion Rate? Get The Playbook
3 min readJul 13, 2021


Aren’t you tired of spending a lot of money on targeting and engaging with the right user? And ending up with poor metrics and insufficient increase in the orders… We all do.

Reaching the potential audience or the ones who were interested in before is not that costly and hard anymore.

Check out our new whitepaper & discover how you can convert your users into a new purchase to increase your orders conversion rate.

A Growth Marketer’s guidebook for user engagement & acquisition.


Let’s start with the importance of understanding your customers & their stage on your customer funnel.
In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about how you can understand the pain points, how you can solve them, and the reasons behind low OCR.

  • How to calculate your orders conversion rate?
  • What is the average rate?
  • How to understand your customer for better conversion?
  • How to detect your desired action to increase your conversion rate?
  • Most common points that keep users back from completing a purchase
  • Case examples to add to your campaigns

We answered all the above questions and the points in your guidebook.

Here are some examples of why you cannot increase your Orders Conversion Rate:

  • Insufficient Product Details: keep them simple enough and easy to be understood, and ask yourself if the text can drive the customer to buy it or captures their interest.
  • Nonexplanatory Pictures of the Products: Visuals are one of the key factors for purchase, especially when it comes to eCommerce. Also, make sure of their quality.
  • Having Insufficient reviews about the product from other customers: Other customers’ opinions matter. It’s even more efficient when they mention the value rather than you. Encourage the customers to review & rate the product.
  • Slow page loading: This is more like a technical issue. Hence it gives a bad influence to the customers to leave the page.

Here are some solution examples:

  • Use 360 Marketing: Most people use different channels for communication such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube… Communicate with your user via those platforms and more. Also, blogging is one of the core elements of 360 marketing. Publish creative and to-the-point blogs and informative content to reach their needs and at the same time remind yourself.
  • Understand the user behavior & segment. As an extension of funnel analytics, observe the users, understand the patterns and motivate them to do your next desired action. An example:
    * Sending automated emails, SMS, push notification, etc. after register (The desired action: Activation)
  • Use remarketing pixels. Don’t just lose the users who come & leave without an order. On average, a purchase is being made after the user sees you or your
    product 7 times. Create remarketing links & build campaigns for those who clicked those links.


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