Apple’s email privacy - 2021 Q2 App Consumer Spent Report - Android App Bundle will be obligatory - What’s new at Windows 11

Hello! The previous week, we mentioned Google’s third-party cookie restriction would start in mid-2023 and finish in late 2023. Also wrote about privacy updates from Apple. To read the previous newsletter, click here.

How Apple’s Email Privacy Will Affect Email Marketing?

As we wrote the previous week, Apple’s session at the WWDC 2021 was surprising for everyone, especially the security part, which had important updates.

2021 Q2 App Consumer Spent Report: $34 BILLION

In the second quarter of 2021, consumer spending on mobile applications increased by 25% to $34 billion. This means it increased $7 billion since Q2 2020 and $2 billion more than in Q1 2021.

Android App Bundle Will Be Obligatory For The New Apps

With Android App Bundle, developers will publish their apps in a 15% smaller size than the APK format.

New Microsoft Store with Windows 11



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