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4 min readJun 9, 2021


Apple News: Xcode Cloud

Apple, yesterday announced Xcode Cloud, innovative & helpful technology for developers: Xcode Cloud.

Briefly, Xcode Cloud combines many systems and technologies for developers. Developers can build, test, and distribute apps by utilizing powerful cloud services. At the same time, it allows individual developers and teams to be more productive and provide outstanding apps to their consumers.

In other words, Xcode Cloud is a new cloud service for DevOps for Apple developers. Xcode Cloud, which is included in Xcode 13, provides a quick and easy solution for developers and teams of all sizes to build, test, and deploy high-quality apps even more effectively. Xcode Cloud can build apps on the cloud automatically, freeing up developers’ Macs for other activities.


Apple’s rich and user-friendly programming language now has built-in concurrency support. This supports developers in building code that does many tasks simultaneously. This is critical for creating apps that respond to user input while also conducting additional work in the background. In addition, SwiftUI has revolutionized user interface development by making it as easy as possible to create attractive apps with the least amount of code.

Beginning from the 8'th of June, the beta version will be accessible to developers. Apple says it will expand the access to its free beta program over the summer and fall, and lunch the final version in late 2021. Pricing and availability information were not provided during Monday’s WWDC presentation, but Apple promised that additional information will be shared with developers this autumn.

Apple points that by using Xcode Cloud, teams would be able to detect and address errors more quickly. Developers may make changes to their code, and because it is saved and compiled in the cloud, the changes will be visible to everyone in the team.

We explained the 2 of the important features are Swift and Object Capture for you:

Object Capture

With Object Capture API, developers will easily and professionally create high-quality, photo-realistic 3D models of real-world objects. The feature will be available on iPhone, iPad, or DSLR into 3D models optimized for AR.

The retailers can serve a better service, designers will save time & developers will be relieved in terms of working on an AR API for the app.

To watch the announcement video of Apple, check the video below:

Google will remove Android Advertising ID from the users who Limited Ad Tracking

Google stated that starting with Android 12, the Android Advertising ID will be canceled out for all customers who have disabled ad personalization in their device settings.

What is Android Advertising ID?

It’s a feature that has been available since 2013. The Android Advertising ID is a device-specific ID that may be reset by each device which is the primary identifier used by advertising networks to offer retargeted advertisements. It is also used to generate audiences or suppression lists when launching a new campaign with a new media partner.

When Android users choose not to personalize their advertising, their Android Advertising ID cannot be used for ad targeting or retargeting.

After Android 12, opted-out users’ Android Advertising IDs will be shown as a string of zeros. It’s expected to arrive in the 4th quarter of 2021.

After Apple’s first move with ATT, digital marketing is shifting into more privacy-oriented times. As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, Google made a first step with launching the Security section. Again, this news is ensuring that the future will be a security-driven era for mobile marketers.

Apple Released 14.5.1 to Fix the ATT Bugs

Apple announced 14.5.1 to fix some bugs in the devices that enable App Tracking. According to Apple’s explanation, an App Tracking Transparency feature affected a small group of users. This problem, which impacted certain users who turned off the option to enable applications to request monitoring, has been resolved in iOS and iPadOS 14.5.1. Users will also benefit from several security enhancements with this release.

According to Apple’s update notes, some of the security upgrades are highly essential, and that security flaws have been resolved, and some of these vulnerabilities have been exploited. As a result, Apple advises customers to do the iOS 14.5.1 upgrade as soon as possible, citing the importance of the update.

Also, it is important to inform you that iOS 14.5.1 does not fix some users’ App Tracking Transparency option appearing in the Settings screen in grayed out. After upgrading to iOS 14.5.1, the “Allow Apps to Request to Track” button in the Settings app is still grayed out for certain users.

You can check the video below to learn more about the Apple 14.5.1 Update:

We will focus on the latest update of Apple, iOS 15, and more next week. To use Appgain solutions for your customer engagement campaigns, request your demo.



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