Appgain Mobile Marketing Weekly News Digest

In this newsletter, we brought the latest updates in Apple ATT, Google’s privacy cautions, and trends in digital marketing. Click here to read the whole blog.

  • Google’s Privacy Adjustments for Children: Google will allow all under-18s and their parents or guardians to request that photos of teenagers to deleted from Google Image search results to decrease child abuse. Also, the company will restrict some materials that promote impulsive spendings.
  • ATT: Apple’s Privacy Changes Don’t Seem To Affect Gaming App’s Revenue: The data shows that ATT didn’t affect the mobile industries’ revenues and downloads. More than 3 of 4 Apple users have updated their iPhones to at least 14.5. Meanwhile, there was no decrease in the gaming app’s download rate. When we see the revenue of the apps, we don’t see a decrease either.
  • Can It Be Next Big Thing? : Supply Path Optimization: Untransparent ads cannot aim at a solely specific audience. That’s why tracking and measuring get more difficult day by day. Finally, verifiable and direct campaigns might be the future of digital marketing.

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