All your questions & the answers for the Churn Rate

  • The user journey might be complicated.
  • The user may not be satisfied with the product offer or the after-sales support…
  • The user may have a pending complaint, refunds, or received not completed order.
  • The purchasing process might be long and distracting for the user.
  • They might have heard a bad comment about you.
  • They might have needed a push to purchase, which you didn’t send.
  • Not knowing the reasons for the inactive users.
  • Lack of user insights.
  • Poor segmentation of users.
  • Long action & measurement process.
  • Not analyzing the outcomes of the measurement.
  • Making campaigns & actions that are not possible to measure or track.
  • Insisting on an assumed value instead of listening to the customer.
  • Being unable to get feedback directly from the user or monitor his behavior



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